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Temple Sholom Founded in 1958, we were and remain the only self-sustaining Jewish presence in Greater New Milford dedicated to fostering and enriching Jewish living throughout our locale. However, more importantly than our founding date, we have built and sustain a house founded on the spirit of volunteerism, joy, and humility.

We rejoice that some of our founding members have not only welcomed and encouraged "new blood" among our leadership, but that also remain a constant source of inspiration and involvement.

Though relatively small in numbers, a definite advantage to community-building, we have always shared Theodore Herzl's vision: "If you will it, then it is no dream." We invite you to reach beyond our website and to contact any one of our leaders for a personal conversation about your interests and our opportunities via our Temple Administrator, Tamara Potter. Moreover, we invite you to share our values of empathy, wisdom, integrity, and partnership.

We have committed ourselves to --

  • Engage the talents, skills, and enthusiasm of those who embrace our purpose.
  • Promote knowledge of the Jewish literary and historical treasure trove and its relevance to contemporary life.
  • Develop and husband financial resources proactively, thoughtfully, and transparently.
  • Collaborate with community activists to promote the welfare of Jewish and non-Jewish neighbors near and far.

David Schaffer, President

This is our previous website preserved for historical reference.

Visit our active website at tsholom.org

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